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Geo dart case

Geo dart case

Shot! Geo dart case is the ultimate slim and compact dart case. The unique design has three compartments that allow your darts be left assembled and ready for play.  Lined with magnets, the Geo snaps together firmly at the front, this gives you the highest levels in dart protection while securely holding the darts when not in use.  

 Available in six colours Black, Red, White, Green, Blue and Silver.

Designed by fourth year Industrial Design student Josh Bruderer, the Geo Case is part of the on-going initiative to develop original design with Massey Design School.  Students have a yearly field trip from Wellington, incorporating a visit to the Shot! Darts factory in Bay of Plenty. Following this brief but immersive introduction, the students then develop concepts for new product for the dart market.

Josh says “I designed the Geo Case as part of a university paper in my third year. To start, I visited my local darts hall, the Kapi-Mana Darts Association in Porirua. This taught me more about the sport, and meant I could observe the way players use and store their equipment. I noticed that players either hold or leave their darts on tables between games. From this, I set out to create a case that allows easy storage of three darts and keeps your darts at hand”.


  • Carabiner for ease of attachment to belt or clip
  • Magnetised closure and barrel security  
  • Made from easy-care material
  • Compatible with steel and soft tip darts
  • Compact Pocket Size
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