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Shot! Warrior Kapene Soft Tip

Shot! Warrior Kapene Soft Tip

To celebrate 50 years of dedication to making darts, Shot Darts wanted to create something special for their global tribe of players. The Warrior Kapene showcases where Shot has come from and embodies the spirit of where they’re going – a nod to their past and future.

Kapene translates as Captain – a tribal elder to guide them into the next 50 years. This dart is inspired by their home, and honors the warrior within. They commissioned Tauranga Master carver Whare Thompson to design a sleeve Ta Moko tattoo that wraps around and runs along the length of the barrel and is echoed in the flight.

Kapene pays homage to Tawhirimatea, the wind God. It’s embellished with a Takarangi (double spiral) pattern entwined with Celtic knots – to represent the physical and spiritual worlds and the multi-cultural diversity of the darts community. The Koru (curled fern) represents the growth of this community for the future generations that follow.

This Warrior dart is a celebration of Shot's place in Aotearoa New Zealand and their connection to the land, their culture and their tribe.

Forged through fierce competition and battle-hardened technique, honed since 1970, Warrior Kapene steps forward to steer the global tribe into the next 50 years. With a straight shape and blended front center weighting, Kapene boasts a generous shark grip along the barrel. Rear and front scallops give this 90% Tungsten dart set two positive areas – for a strong push and a sure reference point. Armored in superfine Titanium with a laser-etched Ta Moko (tribal tattoo) sleeve that’s echoed in its flight, Kapene’s vanguard is a gold titanium coated point – to direct every throw with absolute precision.

The Kapene is a very agile dart, with grip featuring along the entire barrel. Dart players can find positive finger placement at any point. A slight front scallop follows the smooth ring grip nose; then flows on to a telescopic-like wide shark grip. A more extensive scallop is featured at the rear of the dart. The decorative Cinder Grip has been laser applied and adds a layer of superfine traction which aids a controlled throw.
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